The Rise of PokerStars

The Rise of PokerStars

When it comes to online poker, there are several big suppliers to choose from, but when it comes to the online poker rooms that can arguably be found in the “Top 2”-usually PokerStars. Although not technically a “Top 2”, PokerStars definitely has a strong following and for good reason; it has the largest number of players, restaurants, and poker software. With that, it certainly stands to reason that they would be quite prevalent in the Top 2 of sites. However, going by the numbers alone, most people don’t know the history of PokerStars, or how it came to be in the “Top 2”.

For those of you in the mood for some historical fact, here is a brief overview of how PokerStars was made. In 2002,illingan sized amount of time on the internet, mansion, and operational hours, the name of the company was born, among a group of computer hackers. Their website was registered in May 2002, and by June, they had their first poker room operating. The very first poker room only lasted for a month, and then they moved out from Northern California.

By 2003, the company had their second poker room available and by this point, the popularity of poker within the state was quite high. This was highly anticipated by the poker players because when this happened, Texas Holdem became one of the very loudest poker variations in the poker room. At this time, the promotion Abrahatics Poker opened up, which also was a very popular poker room.

After this, the poker room evolved quite a bit and by 2006, Dewalive Stars had become one of the most known poker sites on the internet. In the next few years, Texas Holdem would be part of the biggest in a string of poker rooms that were developed by a company.

However, the Texas Holdem name has persistence; it is highly prized among poker players and fans alike. In fact, it’s quite rare to hear information on poker strategies and skills from other than poker players, because most of the poker guides focus on the Texas Hold’em game itself.

It’s not very often that the poker room goes under changes, however the site has changed in the legal sense. In 2005, Poker Stars got a legal license from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Today, Poker Stars holds the most number of poker tournaments online; however they don’t have a high quality poker team. Because of the Availability, Logistics and the Skill Card Online Poker, Poker Stars is ranked high in US poker rooms. When compared with other poker sites, Poker Stars has better and more consistent player Rollover. The rollover is the record of how many times a particular player plays in a specific poker site during a specific month. Through researching, Poker Stars poker players contributed to the top 100 of the world ranking in the world poker tour.

After this, it is likely that you can leave your previous poker playing behind and start afresh with a great amount of knowledge. So go poker, only the best can do it.