Poker Rakeback - Top 5 Online Poker Rooms That Offer Rakeback

Poker Rakeback – Top 5 Online Poker Rooms That Offer Rakeback

How often did you play online poker?

Do you remember the days of playing with your friends at the dining room table? It was all done on a single deck stand that required manual coordination and possibly even card shuffling. Now poker has moved on to the internet, and online poker playing is a lot more sophisticated. That’s not to say that the game is feel or look any different, but the player has more options to control the game than at the traditional table games.

Perhaps the finer points of poker are best understood when we look at the larger picture, the bigger picture is that of the rake. Rake is the amount of money the poker room takes from each hand. The rooms do this in one of two ways, which we’ll address below.

The first way is for the playing room to take a percentage of each pot, usually five percent, and this is called the “Naga303“. The rake commonly varies in value from one cent to five dollars.

The second way the rooms take money is by taking a percentage of the pot before the cards are dealt. This is referred to as the “rakeback”. The rakeback is often credited to the player as a gift, or in the case of tournaments, is linked to an exchange where the player exchanges a portion of their rake for bonus money. The exchange method often requires the player to pay a fee upfront to receive the bonus, or the fee is taken from a pot the players have already shared with other players.

Most players who have played the game would agree that the rake on most rooms is far too high. Although the industry has lowered the amount of the rake, it is still too high. Many of the online poker rooms make ten percent of the pot the standard rake, this is not a lot of money for a business that is built on taking a percentage of the pot.

However, there is a chance for the players to take some of the rake back. If you have been a regular poker player then you know that not all rakeback is created equally. In fact, there are only a handful of poker sites that offer a rakeback program of this kind.

Here then is a list of the top 5 poker rooms that offer the best rakeback deals and why not join them today and start collecting?

  1. Poker StarsOn Poker Stars, 27% of the revenue is returned to the players. If you are a steady player then you can certainly expect to make some of that back in the form of extra cash.
  2. Titan PokerOnline poker rooms that offer Titan Poker are estimated to have some of the lowest rake in the industry. If you are a casual player then it is hard to choose a room that offers less than this, but if you are a high roller then you should definitely consider sticking to sites that offer this advantage.
  3. Party PokerEven though they are among the leaders in the online poker industry, Party Poker still does not offer as much as players are entitled to. They only give around 30% of the rake back to the players.
  4. Pacific PokerThe Pacific Poker room is one of the most well known poker rooms available on the net. They offer a huge amount of games and a stable support. If you experience any problems then you can contact them during hours of forgivable availability. This gives you the advantage of saving your problem to receive a quick reply, which in any case, is likely to lead to a quick resolution.
  5. PokerStars Everyone should have a favourite poker room and PokerStars has the best within the market. You can check out all the different rooms to play at, so be sure to check out the competition.

It’s possible to play online poker without a rakeback deal. You can play at many of the sites that offer a rakeback deal directly. If you want to search around then some of the most popular rakeback sites are Power Poker, Ocean Poker, Full Tilt Poker, Hollywood Poker, Bodog Poker, Bodog Casino, Cake Poker, Coral Poker, Central City Poker, Europoker, Everest Poker, PokerSource, Pokerware, and Poker Store, among others. These sites usually have deals for friends of friends and thus the players get a rakeback deal from the network.

It’s possible to play online poker without a rakeback deal.